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Dr. Bill Bender

Purification Program:

"I started the 21-Day Purification Program last summer and I felt better.  I lost a few pounds and found myself no longer craving sugar.  After the program ended, I started Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) with Dr. Bender.  He examined me and found that my body was toxic with lead and I also had a parasite. He cured that and also gave me some digestion supplements.  Now I’m going to the bathroom on a regular basis.  Yesterday I had my annual physical with my osteopath and had a full examination.  My body fat was tested and found that I lost 5% of body fat and six pounds and gained muscle.  These were all due to the nutritional supplements.  I haven’t been to the gym but this gives me encouragement to go back.  Before, my left leg was numb and I couldn’t get out of bed because of sciatica.  The combination of the purification program and NRT has me feeling the best I’ve ever felt, even without exercising and running."

Jack M.

"I have done the Standard Process Purification program four times. What a fantastic way to begin a new year or jump start the summer!  I feel very confident knowing I am enhancing my immune system, cleansing my body of toxins, reaching a better mental clarity and nourishing my blood with a proper balance of organic food and supplements that will fuel my entire body! I feel wonderful and NEVER come down with the variety of "illnesses" that people all around me are sick with.  
IT'S SO EASY TO DO!  I found that leaving my products on the counter next to my blender keeps everything in my sight and on my mind!!! It's right there, available to blend up, and I take my supplements and GO! I add organic spinach, kale and other greens right in the blender to have more quick and easy servings of those wonderful vegetables!"

- Barbara O.

Nutrition Response Therapy:

"I have dealt with serious digestive issues for many years.  I have seen numerous physicians, gone through medical tests and been prescribed medications that only masked my issues.  The majority of my stomach issues have subsided, gas and bloating is now at a minimum, my dry skin has improved, joint pain is almost non-existent and my energy level has finally increased.  Dr. Bender has been my saving grace.  It’s hard to believe that I suffered needlessly for years."

Judy P.

"I was 215 pounds. My neck, low back, and joints had restricted mobility. I felt like “something wasn’t right.” Since coming to see Dr. Bender, the personalized nutrition program he has put me on has given me back my mobility and I have lost 20 pounds. I’m looking forward to more improvements."


"I had difficulty falling and staying asleep.  As a result, I had little to no energy with frequent headaches leaving me with the feeling of being in a “fog.”  Nutritional Response Testing has given me my energy back. I am now running four miles a day and still have enough energy for my family.  I am able to quickly fall asleep and wake up before the alarm clock!  My headaches are almost completely gone allowing me to think clearly.  I’m looking forward to feeling even better.  Thanks Dr. Bender!"

Pamela D.

"Every day was a struggle for me.  I was putting on a great act, feeling awful physically, emotionally, inside and out. One day, after being on the nutritional program that Dr. Bender set up for me, I noticed that I felt good.  I thought “those whole food supplements I’m taking are really working.”  It’s nice to get up on a dark rainy day and feel just plain good!!"


"I have dealt with moderate-to-severe irritable bowel syndrome, along with battling fatigue on a daily basis.  My stomach was always unsettled and in a “hyper” mode.  After completion of my first week on the whole food supplements, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  I have a new sense of sustained energy throughout the day.  What is more amazing, my stomach is actually calm and relaxed for the first time in approximately 6 years.  My body is becoming healthier and balanced.  Thanks to Dr. Bender!!"

Anthony Y.

"My digestive system was terrible.  The constipation I was dealing with was getting worse.  I was finally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  After seeing Dr. Bender for four months, my digestion and constipation is much improved. I will stay on the nutritional program as long as I need to.  It really works!"

Larry D.

"Thank you so much, Dr. Bender!!  I am so thankful for everything you have done for me.  For as long as I can remember, I have felt bad until now.  Thanks to you and the nutritional response program that you set me up on, I have so much energy, my skin is clearer, my thoughts are clear, and my libido has increased!  Please let Dr. Bender help you.  I have gone to numerous doctors, had numerous tests, taken numerous pills and still didn’t feel well.  Dr. Bender has changed my life in a month!!"

Kim D.

"It was approximately one year ago that I chose to undergo plastic surgery.  Dr. Bender’s holistic approach to nutrition and core strength improvement with expert chiropractic care, both pre- and post-surgery, ensured my overall wellness.  The Nutritional Response Testing Technique, used to determine proper nutritional supplemental needs, provided the opportunity to prepare my body for surgery and proactively increasing healing capabilities. I experienced absolutely no bruising or back pain.  Who would have thought after surgery that I would require no pain medication!! Thank you for the opportunity to make me feel well. I would highly recommend Dr. Bender to my friends and family."

Lisa H.

"I felt old with very little energy.  I picked up every virus, cold, stomach flu, conjunctivitis, and the list goes on. My joints were very achy as well. I now feel like myself again; energized and healthy.  My nightly nausea has become very rare and my joints do not flare up as much."

April D.

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