How Does The Activator Adjusting Instrument Work?

Minimal Force - Maximum Impact

To address spinal joint dysfunction, we use and instrument called the Activator.  This unique hand-held instrument was scientifically designed to give you a very specific, "low-force" adjustment.  It has many enviable advantages to other forms of spinal adjustment.

Controlled Thrust - Consistent Performance

The Activator adjusting device is held in the doctors hand and is completely maneuverable.  It is able to reach all the specific body contact points for an excellent contact and transfer of force.  It delivers a fast, short and controlled thrust.  It's features allows the doctor to make repeatable and consistent adjustments to the body from visit to visit.

Accurate - Specific

Common to most all chiropractic techniques is the intent of placing the force as specific to an area as possible.  Some techniques are more specific than others however, since the Activator's footprint is extremely small, it excels in specificity and accuracy.

Optimum Frequency - Optimum Advantage

In addition to the proper force, the Activator imparts the proper frequency to the area.  Frequency is important because it stimulates special nerves called proprioceptors.  These special nerves report to the brain the changes made by the Activator instrument.  Using the unique technology built into the Activator Instrument, the propriocepters are stimulated and the adjustment is recorded and accepted by the brain.  Faster more comfortable spinal change occurs when the brain accepts the changes it is presented with by an adjustment.  A definite advantage to using the Activator Instrument.

Latest Technology

The Activator Instrument is continually under research and development.  While you may find earlier versions of the Activator Instrument in other offices, Dr. Bender only utilizes the latest version...  an Activator IV.

Medicare Approved Device

The Activator Instrument is a Medicare "approved device".  Important for Medicare chiropractic reimbursement.

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