"Why Don't More Chiropractors

Surprise Answer!

The Activator "instrument" itself  is highly popular.  It is estimated to be found in 65% of all chiropracitc offices.  However, there is a big difference in simply purchasing the instrument and knowing how to utilize it in conjuction with the "Activator Method".  It is the "method" that makes all the difference.  And it is the Activator Method along with the Activator instrument that makes Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique(AMCT) so unique.

 So, A Better Question Is:

"If having the Activator Instrument is so popular, why are not more doctors utilizing the "Activator Method" and going on to achieve a certification rating?

The simple answer is that extensive training is required to learn the technique.  The technique takes dedication and time to learn.  It can take years to master the technique and develop the skill to achieve a Activator rating.  To keep a rating the doctor must attend yearly continuation seminars in Activator Method or forefit the rating.

Quality Care at it's Finest

When you recieve care from a doctor who has achieved the highest rating in Activator, you can be assured of receiving the finest of care.  To be rated a doctor must attend a minimum of three basic courses before being allowed to test for the minimum rating.  After a doctor is "Proficiency" rated they must attend advanced seminars to be allowed to test for further ratings.  Successfully passing the advanced written and performance exams, the doctor can then attain "Advance Proficiency" status.

Rigorous?  You bet!  But the benefits are worth it.  Just ask any of Dr. Bender's satisfied patients.

And Dr. Bender's Rating?

You will be glad to know that Dr. Bender has achieved "Advanced Proficiency"  status, the highest rating by Activator.

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