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Bender Chiropractic Health & Vitality Center - Chiropractor in Clinton Township, MI US :: What makes Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique Different?

Precision Control

The Activator instrument delivers a controlled, light, and fast thrust, without causing undue strain to your body.  Activator adjustments are so quick and controlled, your body's muscles are less likely to resist, allowing for a more precise and exact adjustment.

One of the unique features of the Activator technique is that we can zero in on the exact area of the body that is causing you health problems.

Doctor Certainty

There is absolutley no guesswork of which vertebra needs to be adjusted and which to leave alone.  Utilizing the Activator Method the Activator Doctor knows with certainty:

                WHERE to adjust...

                               WHEN to adjust...

                                           and most importantly.....WHEN NOT to adjust!

Knowing when to leave well enough alone is vital to the healing process.